Andrew Drane is the multi-award winning Licensed Real Estate Agent, Accredited Auctioneer, Owner, Principal and Licensee-in-Charge of Harcourts Hills Living in Sydney’s Hills District where he and his family have been long-time residents and active members of the local community. Twice winner of Harcourts NSW’s coveted Number One Salesperson of the Year award, he is also a frequent recipient of the Top Auction Marketing award.

Having no previous sales experience Andrew commenced his real estate sales career at the age of 32 after completing a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Canberra. Overcoming occasional setbacks and missteps, Andrew climbed rapidly through the ranks from salesperson to Agency principal in only four years.

Success in real estate sales and as an auctioneer inspired Andrew to share his experiences with others through writing and training. Andrew’s enthusiasm, energy and love for what he does are self-evident and infectious; his training is written and delivered in the same stimulating manner.

Believing that the greatest benefit of his own success is using it as a gift to others, Andrew hopes that by personally encouraging, developing and being a real-life example for emerging talent within his own Agencies, similar success can be achieved by others demonstrating the right attitude, ambition and commitment.

This desire to share the secrets of success with a broader audience resulted in Andrew penning his popular first book - Real Estate for Real Reasons – aimed at anyone, new or experienced, aspiring to a rewarding career in Real Estate.

How Can Andrew Drane Help Your Real Estate Career?

Hello, Andrew Drane here. If, like me, you have ever wanted to grow a thriving real estate business or develop a successful career in the real estate industry, then this website can help you. Here you’ll find an abundance of useful tips and explanatory videos covering a series of inter-related topics, including: real estate sales success, real estate management, real estate auctioneering, business success and business motivation.

This short introductory video gives you some insight into my motivation and strategies for success in real estate:

Real Estate for Real Reasons

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