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Preparing for a Sale: 6 steps to a successful campaign to sell your house

Friday, June 24, 2016

Congratulations on deciding to sell your home! The sale process may seem stressful, but breaking it down will combat a lot of that stress. These 6 steps to a successful campaign to sell your house will reduce the stress and speed up the sale process. 

  1. Prepare early. Waiting until the last-minute to sell your home adds unneeded stress and pressure to the situation. As soon as you decide that you need to sell, that is the time to prepare for your campaign.
  2. Decide on the best method of sale for the property. Do you want to go through a traditional sale or an auction? This is an important decision that will guide the rest of your campaign. Contact a professional if you need help in making this decision.
  3. Look at the financials. As soon as you get the professional timeline set for your campaign, it is time to look at the financials. When setting your target price for the property consider how fast you need it gone, the market around your property, what you owe on it, and what you need to sign for your next home.
  4. Take a look around the house and address those projects you have putting off. Consider the cost of these projects when you are looking into the financials of selling.
  5. Don't overlook the yard. Potential home buyers shop with their eyes long before they open the front door. Invite them in with well-maintained yards. Address any potential problems with the outdoor living spaces to alleviate stress and have a successful campaign. 
  6. Once the home is ready for the sale, list the property for sale. While you are waiting for potential viewers and buyers, check off any small projects left to do. Stay in regular contact with your sales agent to answer any questions potential buyers have.

You can use these steps on any type of property. For more information on setting up a successful campaign contact us today.

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